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The Batik Butik

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*** The Batik Butik is no longer in business, the fabrics remaining will not be restocked ***

Batik dyeing begins with undyed or already-dyed fabric and involves applying a waterproof resist to parts of the cloth, dying the remainder then removing the resist. This process may be repeated or not, to create fascinating patterns, whimsical motifs or wonderful celestial swirls.

These fabrics are produced on the island paradise of Bali, world center for batik dying, under the direction of the designer from British Columbia. Each bears a name that evokes images of far-off places or something wonderfully mysterious.

Most batik fabric is a bit stiff because of all the dye applied to it. It may also contain traces of resist as well. That is not the case with goods from The Batik Butik. These are soft and wonderfully drapey fabrics, quite distinct in the marketplace.


Bark Crinkle

White Crinkle


Avocado Rows of Sea Grass
Taupe Masks $14.00/yd

Amethyst Chrysanthemum $14.00/yd
Violet solid
Iris Starcatcher