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Silk, bamboo, linen and synthetic knits

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Knits, other: rayon/wool in dusty blue
Knits, other: rayon/wool in lavender taupe

Dusty blue
Solid lavender taupe

Linen & Poly/Linen Knits

Knits, other: linen, blue
Knits, other: linen, magenta
100% linen knit in solid light gray
Knits, other: linen, gray & white stripes
Knits, other: linen, charcoal
Linen blue
Linen magenta
Linen light gray
Linen light & dark gray stripes on white
Linen charcoal
Knits, other: linen in dark coral
Knits, other: linen in brown
Knits, other: linen in lavender
Knits, other: linen natural
Linen dark coral
Linen brown
Linen lavender
Linen natural
Knits, other: poly/linen in cherry red
Knits, other: rayon/linen in black
Poly/linen aqua
Poly/linen beige
Poly/linen cherry red
Poly/linen in black

Silk Knits

Knits: silk in solid tangerine
Knits: silk in solid poppy
Knits: silk in solid vivid green
Knits: silk in solid crimson

Solid tangerine

Solid poppy
Solid vivid green
Solid crimson

Ponte Knits

Knit, other: stretch rayon in forest green
Knits, other: black Ponte
Knits, other: black stripes on red
Knits, other: black stripes on white
Knits, other: white stripes on black
Dark Green Ponte
Black Ponte
Black Stripes on Red Ponte
Black Stripes on White Ponte
White Stripes on Black Ponte
Knit, other: stretch rayon/poly in amethyst Knits: poly, rayon, Lycra Ponte in off-white
Knits, other: Poly/Lycra scarlet Ponte
Solid Teal

Geometric pattern of black & pale gray
Stretch rayon/poly in amethyst
Stretch rayon/poly/Lycra
in off-white
Scarlet Ponte
Knits, other: white stretch Ponte
Knit, other: stretch rayon/poly in emerald
Knits, other: golden brown Ponte

White stretch Ponte
Stretch rayon/poly in emerald
Poly/rayon/Lycra in solid golden brown
Knits, other: Ponte knit double-faced wine & white
Knits, other: turquoise stretch Ponte
Knits, other: gray stretch Ponte
Knits, other: Wine Ponte
Poly/rayon double-faced in wine
Turquoise stretch Ponte
Volcanic gray stretch Ponte
Wine Ponte
Black Ponte
Knits, other: Poly/Lycra Ponte geometric black, blues & greens
Knits, other: Poly/Lycra Ponte black on blue
Knits, other: Poly/Lycra Ponte black on green
Knits, other: black Ponte
Poly/Lycra Ponte geometric black, blues & greens
Poly/Lycra Ponte black on blue
Poly/Lycra Ponte black on green
Black Ponte
Knits, other: green/heathered double-faced Ponte
Knits, other: Bordeaux Ponte
Knits, other: blue Ponte

Green/heathered double-faced Ponte

Brown/heathered double-faced Ponte

Bordeaux Ponte
Blue Ponte

Pique Ponte Knits

Knits, other: silver gray pique Ponte
Knits, other: red pique Ponte

Silver gray pique ponte
Red pepper pique ponte


Poly/Spandex, Poly/Lycra & 100% Polyester knits

double brushed tropical floral
Poly/Lycra double brushed palms & lilies
poly/Lycra double brushed rose stem
poly/Lycra double brushed coral & brown floral
poly/Lycra double brushed watercolor lilies
poly/Lycra double brushed picked flowers
Knits, other: poly/Lycra Jacquard double knit black
Knits, other: polyester/Lycra lace damask
Knits, other: chevron Jacquard double knit
Knits, other: animal print sweater knit
Poly/Lycra black Jacquard double knit
Poly/Lycra lace damask
Poly/Lycra chevron Jacquard double knit
Animal print sweater knit

Knits, other: black & gold sparkle
Knits, other: poly/Lycra solid taupe
Knits, other: poly/Lycra solid ivory
Knits, other: poly/Lycra solid white
Black & gold sparkle sweater knit
Poly/Lycra solid taupe
Poly/Lycra solid ivory
Poly/Lycra in solid white

Poly/Rayon/Lycra blend

Knits, other: poly/Lycra Jersey multi stripes
Knits, other: poly/Lycra Jersey coral multi stripes
Knits, other: olive stripes
Knits, other: brown stripes
Poly/rayon/Lycra Jersey multicolor stripes
Poly/rayon/Lycra Jersey stripes in red & tan
Brown double-faced doubleknit
Poly/rayon/Lycra in olive stripes
Poly/rayon/Lycra in brown & taupe stripe

ITY knits

Multi Floral
Orange Red Berry Print
purple, blue white & gray geometric
black, white & gray daub ITY
green, white & black ITY
Multi Floral
Multi painterly daubs
Purple, Blue, White & Gray Geometric
Black, White & Gray Daub
Green, White & Black
Red & White Chain Link ITY Knit
black & white chain link ITY
Knits, other: poly/Lycra ITY marbled zig-zag
Knits, other: black, red, orange, multi floral
Knits, other: brown animal print ITY
Red & White Chain Link
Black & White Chain Link
Marbled zig-zag print
Black, Red, Orange Floral
Brown animal print ITY
Knits, other: ITY retro print
Knits, other: marble multi ITY
Knits, other: black & burgundy vertical stripes
Knits, other: black & cream vertical stripes
Knits, other: poly/Lycra ITY, aqua, lime, yellow
Poly/Lycra ITY retro print
Marble Multi ITY
Black & burgundy vertical stripes
Black & cream vertical stripes
Poly/Lycra ITY, aqua, lime, yellow