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Rayon Knits

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100% rayon knits

Rayon knits: aqua Jersey
Rayon knits: black Jersey
Rayon knits: spruce Jersey
Rayon knits: plum Jersey
French terry knit in heathered gray
Jersey knit in aqua
Jersey knit in black
Jersey knit in spruce
Jersey knit in plum

Ponte Knits

Rayon knits: Navy Ponte
Rayon Ponte Knit Red
Royal Blue Ponte
Light Heather Gray Ponte Knit
Rayon Knits Ivory Ponte
Royal Blue
Light Heather Gray
Viscose Nylon Lycra Ponte knit fabric in taupe
Rayon knits: purple Ponte
Rayon knits:  cornflower blue ponte
Brown plaid on black
Cornflower blue

Rayon/Lycra Knits

Rayon knits: burnt orange & heather gray
Rayon knits: teal & black
Rayon knits: black & heather gray 1/8th inch stripes
Rayon knits: black & heather gray 1/4 inch stripes
Rayon knits: navy & white stripes
Burnt orange & heather gray
Teal & black
Black & heather gray stripe
Black & heather gray stripes
Navy & White Stripes
Rayon knits: teal & white
Rayon knits: lime multi stripes
Rayon knits: green & white leaf print
Knits, other: brown cheetah on tan
rayon lycra solid dark brown
Teal & White Stripes
Stretch rayon in lime multi stripes
Green & white leaf print
Brown & tan cheetah
Dark brown
Rayon knits: navy & silver shimmer Jersey
Rayon knits: crepe Jersey in deep coral
Rayon knits: crepe Jersey in sea green
Knits, other: stretch rayon in teal
Navy & gold shimmer Jersey
Navy & silver shimmer Jersey
Crepe Jersey in deep coral
Crepe Jersey in sea green
Knits: rayon/Lycra in charcoal
Rayon/Lycra knits: dark heathered gray
Rayon knits: heathered charcoal
Knits: rayon/Lycra in charcoal
Knit, other: stretch rayon in forest green
Light heather gray
Dark heathered gray
Heathered charcoal
Rayon/Lycra in charcoal
Forest green
Rayon/Lycra knits: solid taupe
Knits: rayon/Lycra in pale aqua
97% rayon, 3% Lycra knit in solid bright olive
Stretch rayon in solid taupe
Rayon/Lycra knit in pale aqua
Stretch rayon in bright olive
Rayon/Lycra knits: solid fuchsia
Rayon/Lycra knits: solid flamingo pink
Rayon/Lycra knits: solid red
Knits: rayon/Lycra in red orange
Knits, other: stretch rayon in salmon
Stretch rayon in solid fuchsia
Stretch rayon in solid flamingo pink
Stretch rayon in solid red
Rayon/Lycra in red orange
Stretch rayon in salmon
Rayon knits: burgundy
Rayon knits: brick red
Knits, other: stretch rayon in fuschia
Knits, other: stretch rayon in berry burst
Brick red
Stretch rayon in fuschia
Knits, other: stretch rayon in plum
Knits, other: stretch rayon in grape
Rayon/Lycra Jersey knit in solid lavender
Knits, other: stretch rayon in bright purple
Rayon/Lycra knits: solid navy
Rayon knits: denim blue
Rayon knits: dark blue
Solid navy
Demin blue
Dark blue

100% Modal Knits/Modal Blends

Knits, other: stretch rayon in aquamarine
Knits, other: stretch rayon in bright blueberry
Rayon knits: Micromodal stretch knit in mint
Rayon knits: Modal red
Modal interlock in brown
Stretch Modal in aquamarine
Stretch Modal in bright blueberry
Stretch Modal in mint
Modal/cotton/Lycra knit in red
Rayon knits: Modal navy

Modal/cotton/Lycra knit in navy

Natural Heather

Bamboo Knits

Rayon knits: taupe
Rayon knits: bamboo in taupe
Rayon knits: bamboo rayon, yellow & taupe stripes
Rayon knits: bamboo/Lycra Jersey in salmon
Rayon knits: bamboo in mint
Bamboo rayon in taupe
Bamboo in taupe
Bamboo rayon in yellow & taupe stripes
Bamboo/Lycra Jersey in salmon
Bamboo in mint
Rayon knits: purple
Rayon knits: dark purple bamboo piqué knit
Rayon knits: red bamboo piqué knit
Rayon knits: olive bamboo piqué knit
Bamboo rayon in purple
Dark purple bamboo piqué knit
Red bamboo piqué knit
Olive bamboo piqué knit