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Silk Suiting

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100% Silk

Silk suiting: navy & white herringbone & teal pinstripes
Silk suiting: twill periwinkle
Silk suiting: brown, tan & blue herringbone
Silk suiting: herringbone stripe
Silk suiting: Jacquard floral
Navy & white herringbone & teal pinstripes
Dark periwinkle twill
Brown, tan & blue herringbone
Herringbone stripe
Jacquard floral

Silk Medium Weight Suiting: textured stone blue
Silk Suiting: textured red
Silk Suiting: solid gray
Textured stone blue
Textured red suiting
Solid gray
Silk suiting: multicolored variable stripes
Silk suiting: pink, maroon & brown stripes
Silk suiting: white, blue & brown stripes
variable stripes
Pink, maroon &
brown stripes

White, blue &
brown stripes

Silk blends

Silk suiting: cotton blend satin midnight blue

Cotton blend satin midnight blue