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Cleaning out our stash

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It's all a jumble and it has to go!*

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100% Silk & Silk Blends

Silk Suiting: silk wool blend in dark olive black
Silk Suiting: silk wool blend in dark green
Silk Suiting: silk wool blend in copper

Silk wool blend in dark olive black
Silk wool blend in dark green
Silk wool blend in copper

100% Cotton & Cotton Blends

Cotton lightweight blends: striped ivory open weave on taupe
Cotton Lightweight: green and white gingham
Cotton Lightweight: green striped seersucker

Cotton blend striped
Green and white gingham
Green striped seersucker

cotton lycra jersey ikat prin seafoam peach red white
Cotton Lightweight: red, white and blue stripes on tan
Cotton Lightweight: novelty stripe
Cotton Lightweight: corded in solid ivory
Cotton shirtings:stretch windowpane taupe shirting
Cotton/Lycra Jersey knit, Ikat print
Red, white and blue stripes on tan
Novelty stripe
Corded in ivory
Stretch windowpane, taupe
Cotton Lightweight: beige
Cotton Lightweight: gray minihoundstooth plaid
Cotton Lightweight: mint green twill
Cotton lightweight: floral on red
Fleece: cotton solid butter
Solid beige
Cotton houndstooth
Cotton twill
Floral on red
cotton solid butter
Cotton shirtings: tan Oxford
Cotton Lightweight: olive plaid
Cotton Lightweight: Pima block minihoundstooth
Cotton knits: dark brown Ponte
Cotton shirtings: stretch shirting in blue plaid
Oxford, tan

Olive plaid
Block minihoundstooth
Cotton knits: dark brown Ponte
Stretch shirting, blue plaid
Cotton knits: navy waffle
Cotton knits: stars on gray
Cotton knits: stretch tie-dyed in turquoise, yellow & white

Cotton knits: navy waffle
Stars on gray
Stretch tie-dyed in turquoise, yellow & white

100% Rayon & Rayon Blends




Rayon: wine stripes on brown
Bouclé: windowpane plaid on white
Rayon blends: pastel plaid
Wine stripes on brown
Pastel plaid

100% Polyester & Polyester Blends

Satin: sea mist green
Satin: crinkle weave in sage
Velvet: ivory stretch
Polyester Suede: camel stretch corded moleskin
Poly potpourri: Santa Cruz camel
Satin in sea mist green
Crinkle weave in sage
Stretch velvet in ivory

Camel stretch corded moleskin

Santa Cruz camel
Satin: pink
Satin: hunter green
Satin: beige
Satin: Light Blue
Satin: Medium Blue
Satin in solid pink
Satin in solid hunter green
Satin in solid beige
Satin in solid light blue
Satin in solid medium blue
Satin: royal blue
Satin: coral
Satin in solid royal blue
Satin in solid coral

Various Synthetics

Rayon blend: violet and taupe suiting
Linings: burgundy acetate
Linings: navy acetate
Linings: ivory acetate
Linings: royal blue acetate
Rayon blend; violet & taupe suiting
Burgundy acetate
Navy acetate

Ivory acetate lining
Royal blue acetate
Linings: pale blue acetate
Linings: cream acetate
Pale blue acetate
Cream acetate